I am deeply saddened by man’s inhumanity to man, first in the brutality that is continually being perpetrated against men (primarily) of color, and second, in the senseless violence that has followed.

The events of the past weeks have piled on more trauma on a country that has already been left reeling from months of quarantine, fear and death. Despite the shadow that the COVID crisis places over everything we cannot afford to let this opportunity to bring real reform pass us by.

I want to encourage everyone to take some time to go to Instagram and listen to Christine Caine have a Conversation on Race and Restoration with Dr. Anita Phillips.

Dr. Phillips wisely points out that we need to recognize the subtle—and mostly unconscious—ways that our culture has reinforced the racial divide in America. The need to address the trauma that Black Americans have suffered for over 400 years in this country must come before true reconciliation can take place. The Church is best positioned to minister to the wounded with God’s healing truth.

My prayer is twofold: that real and lasting change concerning the inequality of people of color finally come to our nation; and that this change start with the Church, followed by our local and national governmental authorities.

May we, the Body of Christ, rise up and lead the way to justice and true peace.




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