VIDEO: Jessie’s back!

  Back from sabbatical, Sunodía founder and prayer counselor Jessie Mejias talks future plans and reads a passage from her latest book Prayer Counseling: Ministry to the Heart in this 5 minute video. Here’s part of the reading, from the epilogue:  Prayer counseling provides safety and spirit-led discovery for this journey of healing, growth, and […]

His Sheep Hear His Voice

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. — John 10:27 Isn’t that a powerful statement? In a very short sentence, Jesus communicates so much: He communicates ownership. He redeemed us—gave His life for us, so we are His possession—His sheep. He says that His sheep listen to Him—to His […]

A Sweet, Sweet Aroma

by Katie Lucy Our wedding day was amazing.  It was all I dreamt it would be and more.  The flowers were fragrant and beautifully blended.  The colors of light pink, white, and deep purple lit up the sanctuary.  My dress sparkled in the light coming through the stained glass windows of the church.  I felt […]

Snap, Crackle & Pop: There Goes God’s Voice

  I KNOW that we can talk to God, but I was astonished when I discovered how much God desires to talk back to us. This clicked when I heard a teaching by Mark Virkler on this very subject in my 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice class.  Virkler asserts that hearing God’s voice was like […]

His Love is Everlasting

by Jessie Mejias I recently attended a healing conference where we were put into groups of three and asked to recount a positive memory. When it was my turn, the very first memory that popped into my head was that of my “re-engagement” to my husband. In 2005, both of my sons got engaged and, […]

Book review: Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

It’s Christmas morning and I’ve just finished reading the last two chapters of John Eldredge’s marvelous little book, Beautiful Outlaw.[1] I meant to subscribe to an online daily devotional for Advent but as I read it I realized that this was just the right book to prepare my heart for Christmas. But I didn’t originally […]

Finding Meaning in Rest

Finding Meaning in Rest Article by Jessie Mejias, Sunodía Founder and Director As I write this article, I am about to start a four-week writing sabbatical. While this is not a term I have ever heard used anywhere else, it seems apt, being that a sabbatical is a change in a normal routine, and I’ve known […]

An Exercise in Endurance

An Exercise in Endurance Article by Jessie Mejias, Sunodía Founder and Director “Just one more!” Over the course of an hour, my personal trainer, Mary (not her real name), must say this to me at least twenty times. For me, those three words have become synonymous with another phrase: “More pain!” I’ve done a fairly good […]

You, Just As You Are

You, Just As You Are Article by Jenni Weatherly, Communications & Administrative Manager Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be? – Danielle LaPorte Well, can you? These words, so thought-provoking, always get me. They prompt me to consider how easily others’ desires and cultural expectations, no matter […]

Strategies for Freedom: Unloading through Journaling

Strategies for Freedom: Unloading through Journaling Article by Jessie Mejias, Sunodía Founder and Director Spiritual habits and practices are part of what keep us consistently on our personal paths when it comes to journeying with the Lord. One such practice that I’ve used for years and highly recommend is unloading by writing in a journal […]