The material is revolutionary and I received valuable insight and healing from the times during the class when I was a seeker and I could bring what the Lord revealed during those short prayer times to my counselor, Jessie Mejias, for further inner healing prayer in her office. I also got so much out of the opportunity in the class to practice praying for others. I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone.
S.T. - RIchmond, VA
Elijah House Course 201
I feel like I have tools I can use in understanding a very active and vital part of my life that was so unknown and mysterious to me.
A.G. - Richmond, VA
Understanding Your Dreams
Sunodía is a place for me that is always calling me “come as you are.” I continue to go as I am, as Sunodía has helped me heal the bitter roots of my past that had a deep-rooted impact in my present relationships. One on one counseling sessions and group seminars and classes are home now. As I continue to heal, I continue to go.
R.M. - Richmond, VA
Sunodía Ministy
I came to this course because I had a negative view of dreams, and I felt God saying that attending the course would help me stop viewing dream experiences negatively. I left the course more empowered to understand my dreams, now knowing dreams are just another way God speaks to us. And God does not condemn us, so neither should our dream experiences! I look forward to logging my dreams!
R.G. - Virginia
Understanding Your Dreams
I sought counseling with Jessie Mejias because of some unhealthy behavior patterns and fear in my life that I could not seem to break free of or understand. The ministry I received was different than any other type of counseling I had encountered in the past. The Lord revealed to me some things that I believed deep down within me that caused me great stress inside and led to unhealthy behaviors. I can honestly say that the results were life changing
W.G. - Maryland
Prayer Counseling with Jessie
Jessie has helped me allow the Holy Spirit to access those parts of me that have been locked and hidden for years. She has assisted me in moving out of my head and into my heart. I have been able to take a more critical look at my choices and decisions without feeling criticized or condemned and I have been able to take on risks without any other assurance other than knowing that Christ is at work in me to will and to do His good pleasure.
D.F.R - Knoxville, TN
Prayer Counseling with Jessie
Honestly, I expected this to be like all the other well-meaning, but unhelpful, presentations I've experienced on this topic and it wasn't! Whoa and wow. Without apology and without censoring, I felt great permission to connect unashamed with the pieces of information that truly resonated with me. It was so refreshing to stop rejecting, fighting, defending, justifying, explaining, and dismissing "Who I am." I've been looking for clear definition and I received it this morning — an unexpected source of affirmation presented in a way I felt loved. I felt safe, included, and understood despite not knowing a single person attending.
D.Q. - Reston, VA
Understanding God's Design For You
I was fairly sure my gift was teaching. This seminar gave me good understanding by describing the gifts in detail. I was excited how God used it to give me clarity and confirmation. Awesome.
G.H. - Richmond, VA
Understanding God's Design For You
This type of “listening to God” has been calling out to me for about two years. I’ve been so hungry to hear His voice. He’s always spoken to me through His Word but I sensed He was trying to show me more intimacy with Him, speaking spirit to spirit. This study has given me the tools I need to get still before the Lord and communicate with Him.
S.H. - Virginia
4 Keys To Hearing God's Voice
Jessie as a personal counselor really knows how to bring you to Jesus in prayer and help you discover His plan for breaking any bonds and setting you free. I am so grateful for this ministry.
C.J. - Baltimore, MD
Prayer Counseling with Jessie
Jessie’s powerful prayers and clear recognition of God’s voice has opened the door for tremendous healing of fear, guilt, and shame in my own life. Through her wisdom, listening ear, and gift for visions, Jessie helped me to understand how much God loves me and how deliberately He works in my life. I always left my times with Jessie encouraged, refreshed, and free.
C.E. - Alexandria, VA
Prayer Counseling with Jessie
I learned so much about God's heart and his love for me and how to approach this topic. It's one that has been bitter for me but now I see this as a loving adventure with God. Not something to be feared or something to dread. He's big enough to take on all of my questions, fears, sadness and to show me the life He has planned for me.
K. K. - VirgInia
The Woman Inside The Wall
Elijah House is an answer to a prayer, because I had areas in my life that I wanted to change completely but I didn’t know how. And Elijah House simply answers, this is how you change. Let us identify your bitter roots, let us identify your bitter fruits, let us identify your inner vows, let us identify your bitter root judgments and then, let us shine God’s light on it.
R.M. - Richmond, Va
Elijah House Course 201
This seminar brought to light a lot of what I was blinded by. I knew I had a wall that felt very tall and thick but then I realized that it is not so tall or thick. I learned about how to start to take down that wall so better things can come into my life. It was also truly comforting being reminded that God is preparing me to be presented to my future husband and that I need to be patient.
H.S.- Woodstock, VA
The Woman Inside The Wall
I have been in both classes and prayer counseling offered by Sunodia. The classes have helped deepen my understanding and relationship with God. Issues I have struggled my entire life with were resolved in just three prayer counseling sessions. This ministry is truly a blessing from God.
S.D. - Williamsburg, VA
Sunodía Ministry
God has recently started sharing important information about my heart and ministry through dreams. With Jessie’s help and enthusiasm, I have started to feel these dreams for the beautiful gift that they are. And have been able to heal and grow through their interpretation.
M.C. - Virginia
Understanding Your Deams
I am gaining more and more confidence every day in who I am in Christ and the plans He has for me.
S.C. - Richmond, VA
Elijah House Course 201
For many years I struggled understanding or implementing boundaries, especially in areas that required saying "no.” Over time and through counseling I learned how to say no and learned how to draw clear boundaries that resulted in discontinuing certain unhealthy relationships. It was very eye opening for me to learn that by integrating boundaries into existing relationships you can actually maintain and sustain healthy relationships. I feel empowered, confident and grounded
R.M. - Richmond, VA
Through monthly prayer counseling with Jessie and classes I have allowed God to show me parts of myself that I never knew existed; uncovering areas I had buried; allowing forgiveness to heal/restore me to a more confident me. My decisions are no longer based in resentment/guilt/fear but through a personal respect and knowledge of my value. I am so thankful for God allowing Jessie and I to cross paths!
P.L. - Richmond, VA
Sunodía Ministry

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