Elijah House School of Ministry Course 201



Elijah House prayer ministry is a type of biblical counseling that is pastoral in nature. Based on the pioneering work of John and Paula Sandford, this course lays the foundations for healing and transformation, both for the students themselves and for equipping the saints for inner healing and the work of binding up broken hearts (Isaiah 61:1)

You have the choice. Your past contains a wealth of relationships, experiences, lessons, and hurts. You can learn from them and use them as a foundation for a victorious future. Or you can let them use you—tainting your current relationships and hindering your ability to be the person you were created to be.

Elijah House has developed a series of lessons that help us understand how bitter roots are formed and how broken hearts can be healed. Tools of prayer ministry are taught, as well as conditions that influence how best to minister. Transformation is the goal of this work — to raise up healthy Christians in their own communities.

Students will learn:

  • Foundational principles and tools for dealing with personal and interpersonal issues
  • How to trace bad fruit to bitter roots formed in the heart (Hebrews 12:15), most often in childhood
  • How to cut off bitter roots at the cross and bring repentance and inner healing to the heart

This school will help participants discover how past relationships and events affect their lives today and what they can do to address them and find healing.

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