Prayer Counseling Workshop




We are all called to share the good news of the gospel with others. Some of us have also been called to join with Jesus in His work of healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free. (Isaiah 61:1)

Prayer counseling is designed to connect people with the divine Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ, which leads to freedom in Christ. Many gifted leaders have contributed models of healing prayer that, when used skillfully, bring needed freedom and release to the people of God. This course is an overview of selected inner healing models and how they may be applied and/or combined for effective prayer counseling.

Session topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Prayer Counseling
  • Selected Inner Healing Models
  • The Prayer Counselor as Small Group Leader
  • Prayer Counseling Tools
  • Issues in Prayer Counseling


Please note that although this class is open to all students, two or more of the following prerequisites must be met in order to enroll in this course:

  • Graduation from Elijah House School of Ministry Course 201
  • Completion of Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice Course
  • Completion of Prayers that Heal the Heart Course
  • Written recommendation from a church/ministry


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