The Woman Inside the Wall – A Seminar for Single Women – Online

You are a thoughtful Christian woman, seeking the Lord’s heart, using your gifts, and serving others.  But you’re also single and would like to be married.  You may even have a promise from God that you will be married.  But you remain where you are, and it feels like you’re stuck.  Like you’re trapped inside […]

Understanding Your Dreams Seminar – Online

You’re in a particular place. Or hear a certain phrase. The images and sounds of dreams can stay with you long after you’re awake. Are these your thoughts? Or is God speaking? Spend a few hours learning how to understand your dreams in this online seminar.  You’ll learn how to interpret dreams by asking key questions […]

Understanding God’s Design for You – Online Seminar

God has designed each one of us to look at and encounter life primarily through one of seven spiritual, or redemptive, gifts, as described in Romans 12:6-8. God intended for you to find rich fulfillment in life when you are walking in the righteous expression of your redemptive gift. An integral part of your birthright […]