Sunodía helps people become “unstuck” and start journeying toward the free, full lives God has for them.

At Sunodía, we meet with people from all walks of life–followers of Christ who know in their hearts that God has more for them. Our mission is to help everyone we encounter hear God’s voice through prayer counseling and teaching so they can pursue the journey to a free, full life. We use these tools because no one is designed to make this trek alone: through our classes and one-on-one ministry services, you can stop going it alone, and start to more fully connect with God and with others

“Healing is not an event, but a journey... This is the journey of a lifetime and it will involve mystery and mess, failure and growth, but our final destination is to look God in the face for the brilliance of an eternity. Healing is the ongoing resource which will enable us to walk this path where we will grow into wholeness, into God’s likeness.”

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Sunodía seeks to foster the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of individuals by helping them come to the awareness and removal of the issues that are blocking their growth and health.

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